Friday, May 25, 2012

TGIF!: Ryan Adams - New York, New York

Random Likes

Bubbled Glass Dispenser- $298 Anthropologie

West Elm $59

CB2 $49.95

Chilewich Electric Stripe Shag Mats. 3 sizes $45-$150

Bike Basket- Koskela. Love that pull out basket!

Roasted Tomato Caprease Grilled Cheese with Balsamic Glaze


Vintage Army Dress

Window of Nature- Airspace

Nice pink glass!

Turquoise Hand Blown Glass- Photosynthesis

Love it!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

TGI!: METRIC-Help I'm Alive

Random Likes

DIY Toy Chest-

Fruit Balloons- Oh, Happy Day

Tented Bedroom- Atelier 688

Bjorn Lofterud

Castors Tunklights

Made from recycled fire extinguishers!

Sam Osbourne

Ella Leach Designs

Crafty Folk

Caravan & Kombi Brooch- Scoonie and Jam

Anne Silber

Jill Malek Wallpaper

Earth Inc.

Potect Architect

Anne Silber

Bike Shorts

All photos from etsy
 I had an idea of cutting several pairs of leggings into bike shorts. I just want something to wear under skirts when I ride my bike. Summer is coming and it's going to be way too hot for pants soon. This idea could be good or very bad.

Tool Rolls

All Photos from Etsy

 I finally decided to start carrying a tool roll on my bike. The screws on my baskets are constantly rattling lose on my bicycle. I am going to get the proper screws at the hardware shop today!

Farmer's Market

 I'm going to the farmer's market on Sunday. I am getting a list of produce for the week and have my bags ready!
All photos from etsy