Thursday, March 12, 2015


I love kitchens. They are my current obsession. I love them because there are so many workstations- they are complex. You need a set-up for efficiency and flow. It's the heart of the home.

Hallway pantry- nice!

Measuring spoons- more is better in this case

Looks sharp!

Spices on cabinet door

I wish I had more pictures of this pantry

I have bins in my freezer like this

Nice workspace!

Basket for cutting boards

I am going to do this! I bought the plastic hooks already

Old CD racks to hold lids

Under the sink pullout drawer- want it

Want this also

I want this too

I just organized my spices- so I'm obsessed with jars right now

This is a bit much but they are making a small space work

Painting the insides of cabinets- I like it. Need to lay down some patterned shelf paper

Holy Workstation!

Love the pans hanging low- much better than hanging high

Just bought some recipe binders- these are nice

Knife rack/ I Pad holder

Dish brushes- want them!

One of the prettiest kitchens! ..and the coldest

I need to grab some plastic bins for my meat


Pantry inside a closet- wow!