Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 in a Jar

 This is how I save my receipts from month to month- I stick them in a jar. I always keep my receipts in my wallet and then I just toss them in the jar. Then at tax time, I can claim all of my business related items. This system works! It is easier if you spend less money on things and it makes you more aware of what you spend your money on.

I separated them into 4 sections: groceries, thrift store, work expenses, and other. The "other" section consists of: going to restaurants, hardware store, liquor store, gifts/shipping, etc. Thrift stores have spoiled me- you can buy good quality for cheap. I always try to buy used before new. I've been watching a full season of Clean House on Netflix the last couple of days- still not finished(30 episodes!). Everyone has so much crap- there is no need to buy so much new. The government figures Americans between 35-44 visit the mall 8.7 times within 3 months spending $81.70 per visit. That's $2941.20/year- $245.10/month

The Break Down:

Groceries- $2676.49. That's $51.47/week for 1 person. Brendan doesn't eat over much- we eat most dinners at his place. I mentioned to him that I only spent $100 on groceries one month and he said,"you didn't see my expenses that month". He's my meat and potatoes.

Thrift Store- $621.97. That's $51.83/month. 98% of my wardrobe purchases were used. I get bored with clothes and want something new often. I buy thrift and give it back in my pile of donations. It's for a good cause, good for the planet, and I get to be stylish for a year. I also buy home goods- that's not all clothing in my monthly expense. Considering I was throwing down $300+/ month when I worked retail, I'd say this is a drastic life change for the good!

Other- $1289.21. That's $107.43/month. This amount would be a lot higher if I didn't have a man who treats me so well. Thanks Brendan for the dinners and shows- you're the best!

Work Expenses- $1190.05. Supplies $178.42, Vacuum $479.99, Bike $531.64. How much does your car run you in a year? Oh, it does? That sucks.

That's it. There are a handful of things I bought online that I don't have receipts for. It took me about an hour to sort through all my expenses- so easy!