Monday, July 4, 2011

A room to be creative

Photos form Decor8
 I was on Decor8 the other day and was looking at creative spaces. These are his and her sheds- they collect and restore vintage things from the UK and France.

 I saw all of these handbags and had to check out their site- It's good!

 Below are items they resell on The Bucket Tree:

30's Fabric Bag

Enamel Soap Dish

70's French Sunglasses

Rabbit Nesting Dolls

50's Cotton Fabric
Sometimes I wonder why I don't resell items and then I remember that you need a place to store stuff, you need a shipping area, you need to make time daily to check your shop and update posts, and I think I would hold on to a lot more because it is "for the store"- I need a shed.