Friday, August 31, 2012

Random Likes

Smile Lifestyle Boutique

Painted Folding Chair- Design for Mankind.

Love the salmon with the blue and white!

Nanna Hanninen

I am thinking of making rain gear for bike riding. I found this hat by San Diego Hat Company which is perfect. They have it in black and white pinstripe online that I desperately want!

I was thinking of making waterproof legwarmers to cover your legs and shoes during rainy days. These are by grace and lace co. on etsy- super cozy!

Great idea for boots- my toes get jammed with tight socks. Great alternative!

Love This! Seaside home in England- Dave Coote and Atlanta Bartlett

Love the different shades of white!

Java Brown Leather Bag- jennyndesign on etsy

Tabago Folding Bed- Teetona

Enjoy your Labor Day weekend!