Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Good Read

 I just finished Guide to a Good Life by Nell Newman. I loved it and took a bunch of notes. We all know what the right thing to do is but some of us need a refresher course and need to put it into action.

My Notes:

- conserve without trying
Fridge: set freezer 0 to 5 degrees, fresh food compartment 37 to 40 degrees, cover all dishes
Cooking: do prep work then preheat oven, use smallest possible appliance to get job done
Water: shower smart, don't let water run, switch to earth friendly soaps, shampoos, detergents
Washer: avoid hot water settings, use half the detergent recommended
Water Heater: lower temperature to 120 degrees
- it's great to recycle but it's even better to reduce and reuse
Vintage Clothing: stylish and has already paid its' debt to the planet, has no packaging, consume less fuel
Low impact gifts: certificates to movies, restaurants, spas, wines, cheeses, honeys, artisans of sustainable crafts, fair trade
Think before you spend: Do I really need this? Can I reuse something to get the same job done? Can I repair something I now own? Can I buy a used, vintage, or recycled version? Are there manufacturers I should avoid? Are there any socially or environmentally responsible manufacturers I can support?
- library will have back issues of Consumer Reports so you can do research before purchase
- honor, respect, and appreciate what you and others have
- make each product as well as we know how so it lasts as long as possible
Mindfulness: paying attention to what is actually happening

My next read: The Self Sufficient-ish Bible by Andy and Dave Hamilton. I saw it at a home of one of my clients and skimmed through it- looks good!