Wednesday, February 23, 2011

9 Months of Trailer

 9 months ago I bought this trailer off of craigslist. I came up with the idea of doing green housekeeping by bicycle. So far so good. The trailer has changed a bit.

 I made a more durable tarp cover to keep it waterproof.

 I lined the bottom because of street slush- especially in the Spring.

 I kept the middle divider because it holds my cleaning caddy upright.

 I then put reflective tape on the trailer because it was getting dark at 4:30 for awhile and cars weren't able to see me. That was a bad idea. The reflective tape did not want to stay on the tarp- it all rolled off.

 This is the latest! I found vintage curtains at the thrift store but it wasn't waterproof so I covered it with a shower liner. I sewed in pieces of cardboard to keep it smooth and flat- I need to worry about how much weight I am adding.

 I even covered the seat since I had 2 curtains. I lined the bottom with a vintage table cover.

 The reflectors are inside the plastic cover- solved the problem of them falling off.

New vacuum also- now I have 2! I am not gonna lie to you- the electric blue color sold me.